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I’m Tom Coughlin and I have worked over 40 years in the digital storage industry as an engineer, engineering manager and senior executive. My company creates reports on digital storage and applications and provides industry consulting services. I founded and organized major storage and memory industry events and I am a frequent invited speaker. I write about storage and memory for I have published >500 articles, book chapters, reports and a book. I am an inventor in 6 patents. I hold a BS in Physics, an MS in Electrical Engineering (from UMN) and a PhD in Electrical Engineering (Shinshu University, Japan). I am an IEEE Life Fellow, have three years on the IEEE Board and am a member of HKN. I have a long history of IEEE leadership and am also active in SNIA and SMPTE. I received an MGA Leadership Award in 2020. I am past chair of the IEEE Silicon Valley section.


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Key points for my career:

  • 40 years of industry experience, including as an executive
  • Extensive leadership experience in many IEEE organizational units and activities
  • Participation in several non-IEEE industry organizations

Key points for my campaign:

  • Enhancing the value of membership
  • Enabling active sections
  • Stronger connections to industry
  • A global and diverse IEEE

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2016 Region 4/6 Operating Committee Meeting – Las Vegas

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